Daniel Vesterbaek
My favorite tools - among a lot of other great software packages I know
Everybody is looking for the MAGIC BUTTON™
You know, the "Make Image Cool"-button.
It exists, I promise!

With 7+ years of experience with 3D graphics, I have a deep knowledge of how to take a project from a concept to a final, polished product. Additionally, I have been directing a few commercials too and got 2nd place in Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2019 with my artwork "Courage".

I am fascinated by new technologies that enable us to tell stories in ways we never could before. I have experience with a wide range of software and mediums including Animation, Stills, Immersive Experiences (VR), and Interactive Real-Time Graphics.

By now, you might have guessed that I still haven't found the MAGIC BUTTON™, but I know that if we do our research, apply theory taught by generations of painters, use techniques that filmmakers have taught us and learn what writers know about storytelling, we will be able to make our clicks with purpose and create good art. - Good art that spark feelings, inspire, and changes us.

By the way. If you ever find the button, please contact me!