(Hydrofoiling) Fun in the Sun
Ever felt like foiling around in the Miami bay?
Or have some "green" chill-time at a sandbank?
As Candela was launching their new Center Console Speed Boat, I was asked to help them visulize the boat in it's natual environments. Firstly "Miami Style" and secondly "Adventure Style".
Shout-out to Basti Trescher for doing Post Production on the Adventure Renders and the first of the Miami Renders. He is a post wizard!
To showcase the differences, we also rendered the new "C-8 CC" together with the "C-8 Day Cruiser" to show the clients the differences.
Work in Progress and other ugly stuff ahead...
Pssst... The caustics are Brute-Forced Path Traced Caustics. Feast your eyes upon them. They took 48h to render :)

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